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We are conveniently located in Citrus Heights on Greenback Lane between Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom. Our office is modern and comfortable providing a relaxed, professional setting to meet your healthcare needs.

Office Hours

7am-11:30am 12:30-4:45pm "Before work,
/--------------/ 12:30-6:00pm After work,

7am-11:30am 12:30-4:45pm During lunch."

/--------------/ 12:30-6:00pm
7am-11:30am /--------------/


We cater to those on the go and those that need to make appointments around their busy schedules. Early bird appointments start at 7 AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call early and we will see you the same half-day you call. We have 40+ treating hours each week dedicated to patients, both new and established. Should we miss your call after hours, our voice mail is on 24/7 and we review it at 7 AM before the morning hours and 12:30 PM before the afternoon hours of regular treating days to enhance our doctor/patient communication.

Insurance and Private-Pay Cases Accepted

We gladly accept most insurances. This includes HMO's, PPO's, automobile accident insurance, union plans and Medicare. Individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and who are concerned about high costs will find comfort with our affordable fees. Payment deferral is possible for injury treatment.

First and foremost, we take the time to completely understand your needs and how our treatments can help you. Then, we give you choices in our care for you.

Our staff is among the very best when it comes to helping you with your insurance and appointment needs. They are personal injury experienced and communicate efficiently with attorneys, medical specialists and insurance companies.